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The Fatal Attraction in Action - Fishing Charter Lake Ontario Rochester, Oswego, Fair Haven, Red Creek, Sodus

The Fatal Attraction in action

Our fishing season begins with ice out about the 3rd week in April. Trolling near the shore waters of the Fair Haven area in pursuit of brown trout. Limit catches are the norm with fish averaging 6-12 pounds with many 13-20 pound fish being boated daily. Fair Haven is know as the brown trout capital of the world for good reason as the abundant and size of the fish is second to none. The spring months of April, May, and June are A fisherman’s dream from line screaming shallow water kings to tackle testing acrobatic Steelhead and Coho to the ever popular bulldogging browns; Fair Haven is where it's at. As the days grow longer with the summer season upon us we head for the deep water. The warming water sets up the thermo clines as we target multiple species of fish as The king salmon becomes our focus.

Called a silver freight train the Chinook salmon puts on a spectacular fight pealing several hundred yards of line from the reel and making you feel as if it will pull the rod from your very hands, and it hasn't even seen the boat yet. Many battles with these fish will last 15 to 30 min. with some going an hour. With an average size of 18 to 30 pounds and fish being caught annually in excess of 40 pounds it's no wonder we proclaim them as "King salmon".

Coho salmon and steelhead trout are also on our most wanted list, as these fish will launch them self’s skyward time and time again testing tackle and angler alike. Coho Salmon like their larger relative put on a tremendous fight. What they lack in size, averaging 8-17 pounds, they make up in feistiness. Jumping and tangling tackle that is what a Coho is all about.

Silver bullet is the only way to describe the steelhead with an average size of 5-15 pounds excitement does not do it justice as it leaps and flips you would think it spends more time out of the water than in. Likely the most exciting fresh water fish, it's aerial feats will astound you and maybe you might get to see it close up if it doesn’t jump out of the boat. Deep cold water is the hunting grounds of the lake trout. Feel the rod thump in your hand as you pull these big fish from the depths with fish 7-14 pounds, the only thing it wants is to get to the bottom and it doesn’t care if it takes you with it. NO! You’re not trying to pull the bottom up it’s just a big laker. Summer fishing on the Fatal Attraction July, August, and September. Blue skies, warm days, sore arms and smiling faces that’s what its all about

Jimmy's salmon
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